field trips

Discover.YOU™, Inc believes that a stepping stone to a sound education is via life enhancing experiences. The goal of our #DREAMHARD field trip initiative is to expose students to a world of endless possibilities, expanding their minds and their cultural worldview. By taking our students from their neighborhood on various fun and educational field trips, our students are encouraged to not only dream as big as they can, but to go beyond and dream as hard as they can in their pursuit of an empowered life. PLEASE VISIT: WWW.DREAMHARD.ORG TO MAKE A DONATION TO OUR FIELD TRIP FUNDRAISER.


Discover.YOU™, Inc program is a safe haven for students to come and focus on achieving success, in an uplifting environment. Students are exposed to the Performing Arts, with classes taught by working professionals in the corresponding industries. These classes include, but are not limited to all genres of Dance (Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Cirque, Contemporary, African), Musical Theatre, Music, Photography, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, and Acting.

Social Justice Seminars

Discover.YOU™, Inc is proud to offer our students social justice seminars. These critical theory classes focused on preparing young people with the knowledge, skills, and values to succeed in a global, multicultural society. Seminar curriculum includes learning effective methods for leading critical problem solving dialogues and reflection on the challenges faced by young people today. Students develop self determined commitments to productive action, developing them into tomorrow's leaders that serve and inspire positive change. 


Discover.YOU™, Inc offers tutoring and mentorship programming during our spring and fall semesters. Before the start of classes, every student has tutoring opportunities available to them; as a stipulation to maintain a full scholarship is to ensure that their grades never drop and continue to improve. 

We are a non-profit organization focused on providing the youth of Compton an avenue to connect to what's possible! We believe success knows no boundaries and that our youth have everything inside of them to achieve their goals, but it is essential that their goals are nurtured with proper guidance and mentorship. By exposing the youth to a global perspective, our future leaders will be set on the path to success and leadership; furthermore, creating positive change in their communities and around the world.

sugar FREE zone

Discover.YOU™, Inc has launched its "Healthy Youth in Compton Initiative" and is dedicated to the health and wellness of our students and their families here in Compton, CA. We have committed to maintaining a sugar free zone, whereby students and faculty cannot bring in anything with unnatural sugars into our space. Our goal is promote a healthier lifestyle in the lives of our youth.

Healthy Relationships

Discover.YOU™, Inc has a mission to encourage and inspire healthy relationships with our students. As teen domestic violence rates have increased, the need to educate students on healthy relationships is more imperative than ever. Each year in October, we dedicate the entire month to domestic violence awareness. We empower students to know their value, to develop unwavering standards in there relationships, to be able to distinguish between different types of abuse, and how to empower others around them to avoid or to end their unhealthy relationships. Via partnerships with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and Emerging Leaders Academy, and through developing relationships with help shelters throughout the Compton and Long Beach area, students are given a preventative domestic violence workshop, ending with a community service outreach activity created by the students, to help and encourage young victims of domestic violence and to allow students the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.


Discover.YOU™, Inc provides students with one on one apprenticeships with working professionals in fields they are passionate about. Free community workshops, in partnership with Parks and Recreation in the City of Compton, guide students (and their families) toward financial literacy, liberal arts proficiency, healthy living, and career building.

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